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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Behold the face of ignorance, hate and hypocrisy

Behold, my friends. This is the face of ugly. No, this isn’t an aesthetic judgment. This is the visage of ugly from the inside. This is a face of Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, one of the radicalized
Republican leaders in the state.

This is the face of ignorance. It is the face of a man who won’t understand zoology, biology, medicine and the other sciences that bring us our well-being. This is the face of the man who would rather promote foster fossil fuels over sustainable, clean wind and solar energy, denying the science of global warming. This is the man who would rather let women die from a pregnancy gone wrong than her and her doctor use science to save lives. This is the man who refuses to understand that sexual preference and gender identity are based in neuroscience, not religious doctrine. This is the face of a man, despite is legal training from a fine school, believes that Christian doctrine overrides the United States and Texas constitutions.

This is the face of hate and intolerance. This is face of the man who would let the pollution from fossil fuels wreak havoc on people’s health and our climate because he doesn’t care for people, only the corporations. This is the face of a man who will not shed a tear for the tragedy of a lost child. Or for the mother and child born with disability; or poverty; or illness. This is the face of the man who, in denying science, treats people with different gender identities or preferences as non-humans.

This is the face of hypocrisy. This is the face of the man who posts Bible verses and religious doctrine on his social media pages, but who rejects the very message of the deity he claims to revere as a savior. This is the face of a man who was crippled in an accident and won a big settlement then backed measures to deny others the same benefits he got from the legal system. This is the face of a man who wants to get even with the trees for his injury. This is the face of a man who claims to back small government but continues to expand its reach into our private lives.

This is the face of a radicalized right wing in American politics — and the hand that shows his th occupant as the president of the United States. Look at that curled thumb and forefinger, an imitation of the same gesture the Liar-in-Chief Oval Office narcissistic psychopath makes to sell his ignorance and hate.
loyalty to Donald Putin Bannon, the 45

Remember these faces in 2018 and 2020.

Friday, March 24, 2017

What is the GOP end game?

I’ve been thinking about that on and off for years and since the election, more so.

I don’t understand what the Republicans have to gain with their agenda. All I see is the dystopian future of science fiction novels. If you look at the broad sweep of American history in the 20th
Century, the oligarch class has resented the rest of the population since the success of the trustbusters.

The resurgence of the Moral Majority and Republicans has been ongoing since Watergate. They have played the long game and are close to winning. I don’t know what it will take to stop them, given how they have outflanked the progressive and, especially, the Democratic Party:

Thursday, March 23, 2017

And the staffs are complicit, too

To: The staff of Republican legislators

CC: The staff member who takes this off the fax machine

From: George Schwarz, constituent and one of the many people whose taxes pay your salary

Subject: Upholding the United States Constitution
First, to the staffer who takes this off the fax, I implore you to read this and then pass it on to other staff members. Maybe someone higher in the food chain of your office will show it to your penultimate boss, the office holder/politician.

Of course, the ultimate bosses are the voters. I am sorry to have to remind all of you of that fact because your boss, and the majority of the Republican bosses, have forgotten that. But you knew that didn’t you?

So, here’s a question for all of you, but especially who work for Cruz, Cornyn, Thornberry and Farenthold. Do you understand how they are violating their oath of office under the Constitution? No, they are not required under the Constitution to vote a certain way to uphold their oaths of office. But, under the Constitution, we have a righto petition the government for the redress of our grievances. Disabling our ability to give input by all but shutting down phones, fax machines and ignoring emails; and, by sending out form letters that are totally nonresponsive to issues[1], the politicians you work for are obstructing the citizens’ right to use the First Amendment.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Confronting the right-wing Texas governor's hate and hypocrisy

March 22, 2017

Greg Abbott
State Capitol Bldg.
1100 Congress, Room 2S.1
Austin, TX 78701

FAX 1(512)463-1849

Mr. Abbott:

One of the difficult things to do in addressing the Republican leadership of Texas is to keep a civil tone. The Republican resistance to other views is startling. So many of you have become intolerant of anyone else. You and your allies are very close to becoming a Christian Taliban.

Here are some things you need to know:

·A large number of Texans don’t support the faux Christian views you and your cohorts claim are Christ’s message. We see the message far differently. It’s a message of love, tolerance, care, compassion and acceptance. It’s not the judgmental hate you wrap in the false flag gospel, the cross and the American flag.

·The Republicans retain political control of Texas through treacherous dishonesty. The gerrymandering coupled with the straight party line voting is just the tip of the iceberg. The dishonesty extends to lying and propaganda, disinformation and participating in the dumbing down of voters by undercutting the public schools in this fine state. It is not only a threat to the Founders’ spirit of democracy, but it is a threat to our country’s national security. What could be more treasonous?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Is the AISD board racist? Looks like it

Sometimes Amarillo’s culture simply disappoints me more than I can imagine. I rarely use the Amarillo Globe-News as a source, but the coverage of the Amarillo Independent School District’s board meeting Monday evening pointed to a key problem in this community: self-satisfied racism.

The account prompted the observation from me on Facebook. “Congrats to the Amarillo Independent School District's board of racists. You have spent millions, literally, on athletics but when a respected member of the minority community asks for an independent study on diversity, you won't even discuss it.

Monday, February 27, 2017

An act of patriotism

Perhaps, just before 45's speech, one of the greatest acts of patriotism could come from deep within the IRS. Maybe some brave and patriotic soul will somehow make 45's tax returns public. It wouldn't be the first time an act of civil disobedience would benefit the republic.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Thornberry, you can run but you can't hide


It’s clear that our hard-earned tax money is not only paying for you to hide in your district offices but these dollars are also paying for the tech support to hide from your constituents online. It’s clear that you’re even a bigger coward than Louie Gohmert. The thing is, Mac, you can’t fool some of us. You see, it’s isn’t hard to figure out what you’re doing.
Here is a screenshot of your Facebook page when I access it in an incognito window in Chrome. But, as soon as I log into Facebook, it’s clear your tech support people have figured out how to block me. As you lawyers like to say, “Res ipsa loquitur.” I can only conclude that you want to suppress dissent just like the other fascists in the 45/Bannon administration; and that you’re so thin-skinned that you and your staff are bigger snowflakes than we knew. Or, that those of us with different views haven’t made large enough campaign contributions to gain access to you.