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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ted Cruz is a hypocrite

An open letter to Ted Cruz:

As you continue to reincarnate Joseph McCarthy, remember he emptied his own political chit basket by acting like you are acting now — offending good and decent and thoughtful people with lies, invective and utter lack of compassion and decency.

You seem to be doing it more quickly than did the late undistinguished senator from Wisconsin, Your fake filibuster fooled no one — save perhaps the sheeple of the Tea Party — and alienated conservatives in the senate who could have helped your agenda. I am glad you offended them as much as you offended me.

I write you this because you work for me; you’re my employee because you “represent” Texas and because I pay your salary with my taxes. But you also “represent” me because I get to vote for or against you. At the rate you’re going, I’ll be voting for whomever runs against you.

Here is my evaluation, which I know reflects the feeling of many in Texas: You are on the verge of being part of a government shutdown, but according to The Associate Press in this story, you won’t forgo your salary. You are a 24-carat hypocrite.

I hope your time in the United States Senate will be short-lived, at one term. But then, I hope the 535-member kindergartners, even ones who reflect my views, get turned out on general principle.