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Monday, October 6, 2014

Is BigPharma Corrupt? 60 Minutes Shows It Is

If you have followed my work as a health care journalist, you will remember that I have asserted that the global pharmaceutical industry’s capitalistic, free market model is antithetical to good health care. In fact, I have gone as far as calling “BigPharma” out for being corrupt — for artificially holding up prices, buying off congress and lying about the costs of research and development. Almost all of the writing if have done on this topic is no longer on The Amarillo Independent website, but any enterprising person seeking the information about this topic will find it well-documented in legitimate literature, including medical literature as well as the mass media.

The latest — and I mean Oct. 5, 2014 — piece of journalism on this topic comes from CBS News’ “60 Minutes.” The story’s revelations about the unmitigated gall of the industry are clear. The video from the CBS website isn’t long and well worth the time to listen and digest it. Click Read More to see the story.