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Sunday, May 14, 2023

The Republicans want gun violence

As gun violence continues to steal American lives, the Republicans and other right-wing interests continue to offer “thoughts and prayers.” The chief enabler for this reprehensible carnage is the cynical and evil Greg Abbott and his lemmings in the Texas Legislature. All the while, we point out that thoughts and prayers will not work nearly as well as laws and policy changes. They haven’t so far, have they? They never will.

Here’s why. Abbott and the rest of the Republican ecosystem owned by the billionaire class doesn’t want gun restrictions. And, yes, that’s partly because the National Rifle Association owns the GOP. But there’s another, more sinister reason. The right-wing wants its disciples armed. Their rationale is, in part, a corrupted interpretation of the Second Amendment; and, in other part they want as much of their minions armed as possible.

Ostensibly, it’s to defend against a “tyrannical” government — as if these people will be able to stand against militarized police forces and the military itself. In truth, Abbott and his ilk want their followers able to turn these weapons against those with whom they disagree — the liberals and “woke” class. Need I remind you of Abbott’s “joke” in May 2017 saying the gun he was holding could be to shoot reporters? Remember that many a truth is told in jest.

Are we at a political tipping point going into the 2024 election cycle? I believe we are. If you only read one thing today, please read the article I’ve linked here.