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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Despicable P - Why Rick Perry is evil

NPR posted a little squib about Rick Perry and Perry's presidential bid. I am waiting for NPR's moderators to approve my comment. Here is what I posted to NPR.

What a disappointing job of journalism from an outlet that has historically been above reproach for its factual reporting. I hope the national media can go in depth to expose what a horrible person Rick Perry is. Here is a summary:

· He is a murderer. Research the Willingham case and Perry’s role in suborning the Forensic Science Commission. And his relationship to the prosecutors who put people on death row. Hell, look at all the executions under Perry to see who else might be innocent.

· He is a liar. Investigate all his claims about job growth in Texas. Look at those jobs in the context of the energy boom, something Perry had nothing to do with. Were all those jobs high-paying? No.

· He is a subversive. Investigate how he has handled education and worked to undercut intellectual growth in Texas. It serves his puppet-masters’ (Koch and others) purpose to have a dumbed down populace so he can appeal to their reptilian brains as they appeal to his reptilian brain. America’s greatness was built on an educated populace and informed electorate.

· He is a crook. To say he issued the executive order “to protect young teenage girls from cervical cancer” totally mischaracterizes his relationship to business in Texas. Look far beyond Gardasil, clearly evidence of his dishonesty, to the technology fund.

· He is an opportunist. The conversion from Democrat to Republican was a clear move to take advantage of the harsh attitudes in Texas.

· He is a liar. Investigate his service in the military.

· He is a hypocrite. Investigate the rumors circulating in Texas in 2003 that he and his wife were secretly estranged and he had a male lover, all the time portraying himself as “pro-family” and anti-gay.

The citations of his relationship with Shrub and his role as cheerleader at Texas A&M are irrelevant and appeal to the Kardashian mind. NPR can do better.