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Monday, July 13, 2015

Lies and propaganda continue on downtown development

I have tried to lay back on the latest vomit of Wallace Bajjali-Downtown Amarillo Inc. loving
propaganda and lies, especially the absolutely shameless spew in the Amarillo Globe-News. But sooner or later, someone who has covered this issue from the start needs to stand up and look you Wallace Bajjali-DAI lovers in the eyes and tell you how full of crap you are.

First, Dailey and DAI will lie and tell you anything to make you believe this doomed-to-failure scheme. The claims are too many to list, but they start with the claim of due diligence about Wallace Bajjali and they were reputable people. Ask around town.

Second, Les Simpson has so much ego tied up into this little brain child of his and his little go-fer (who for $134,000 per year, can’t tell you what minor league parks work and why) that he will do anything to help sell this stupidity in order to salve his ego. He has turned a newspaper that once owned a Pulitzer into a dump of disinformation with the credibility of Fox News. Consider what is happening to good people who work as reporters there: They are forced to sell out principled reporting to keep their jobs. Is this what Amarilloans, who value honesty and integrity, want for people in this community?

Third, while I admire Kevin and Ginger Nelson, all this talk about trust is laughable. The reason for the recent election’s rejection as much of the City Council as it did is precisely about trust. The council has squandered its trust and credibility; and Paul Harpole’s boorish behavior and intolerance of thoughtful and differing opinions is part of the rejection. Had only slightly stronger and better-financed candidates face Harpole and Eades, they also would have been turned out.

And speaking of lack of trust, along with the City Council, the others involved insiders in the current Wallace Bajjali-Downtown Amarillo Inc. plans are no longer trusted members of the community. Look no further than the FBI and grand jury probes; and you’re judged by the company you keep. Look at Wallace Bajjali’s record in Joplin.

Finally, the election means something. The people who bothered to vote elected the new councilors to put the two-bit ball park (MPEV is a joke, even as language) to a vote if not restart the whole planning process. And they want transparency; and don’t tell me the “200” meetings were transparent and legitimate, any more than the dog and pony show July 1 was to really bring new councilors up to speed. They know what they are doing.