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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

An open letter to John Cornyn, Ted Cruz and Blake Farenthold

I am a constituent. If you don’t understand that I am one of the thousands who can and will vote against you, then you aren’t reading the tea leaves very well. Of course, as that special brand of right-wing Republican, you stand for nothing I cherish. You stand against kindness, decency, equality, freedom, democracy and Christianity. Mac Thornberry did the same for me when I lived in the Texas Panhandle.

But now we’re faced with a crisis on which you have been silent for months. Many believe Donald Trump is insane. Maybe he is. I happen to think he is also a useful idiot and part of a large conspiracy pack by the Koch Brothers and others who want to turn the United States into a fascist, corporatist dictatorship.

And yet you stay silent.

Trump is doing to hurt our country and the world, although an article from Tucker Benedict [1]does a fair job of touching on the topics. But to go beyond that, the list of scandals and scandalous behavior is too long to even fit in the RAM of my computer.

And yet you stay silent.

Now, Trump and the administration is refusing to lift restrictions on shipping to get products to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, clearly confirming to us his racism to go along with the crudeness, crassness, misogyny and corruption.

And yet you stay silent.

You are part of that conspiracy. I think your silence in the election of a traitor as president of the United States makes you complicit in everything.

In the past, I have call each of you vulgar names. I did so out of anger and disdain for you. I stand by those epithets. You are traitors of the worst sort.

Your time will come. And when it does, I will enjoy the schadenfreude.