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Monday, December 6, 2021


Someone I don’t know on Facebook by the name of Ruth Larson Case posted the following. I thought it added much to my perspective of the right-wing movement. If you’ve followed me or know me then you know I believe the Republicans want to return the United States to the Gilded Age of the Robber Barons. Ms. Case’s post adds another layer or dimension to it in a way that I can see how the two notions embrace one another. Here is what Ms. Case posted Saturday, Dec. 4, 2021:

 They have been working steadily behind the scenes for years & years. 

 It’s no secret that the Republican Party/ conservative Christianity is actively trying to turn this nation into some form of theocracy.

 But beneath this continued push to turn the United States into a theocracy lies a much deeper, more dangerous movement that most people aren’t even aware of. This movement is called the “7 Cultural Mountains,” or is sometimes referred to as the “7 Mountains Dominionism.”

 What is this, you ask? Well, it’s an effort to place “Christian” control over seven areas of our lives these radicals have labeled as “pillars of society.”

 The 7 areas are:

• Government

• Family

• Religion

• Education

• Media

• Business

• Arts and Entertainment

 The 7 Cultural Mountains website describes their movement as follows—

In 1975, Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade, and Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With A Mission, had lunch together in Colorado. God simultaneously gave each of these ‘change agents’ a message to give to the other. About a month later, Francis Schaeffer (at one time, he was leader in the evangelical movement & is the author of numerous books) was given a similar message. That message was that if Christians are to impact any nation for Jesus Christ, then they would have to affect the seven spheres (or mountains) of society that are the pillars of any society (there are many subgroups under these main categories). Basically, “God told them” that ONLY CHRISTIANITY should control these seven key areas of society.


They believe that the following is absolutely true— 

• This nation was founded on Christian principles. (Government) 

• Social policies should be crafted based on religious ideology, i.e., what defines a marriage and when life is created. (Family) 

• The government must be controlled only by people who believe this nation is a Christian nation. (Religion)

• The continued push to cut funding for public education to such low levels that private school is the only alternative for a decent education — private schools which are often religiously-based. (Education) 

• They constantly attack any and all media entities that don’t agree with them, while perpetuating the belief that only THEIR media can be trusted. (Media)

• They’re heavily backed by radical right-wing billionaires, many of whom advocate for open discrimination in the workplace based on religious beliefs. (Business) 

• They often blame gun violence on video games, claiming it is entertainment —not guns— that needs more regulative control. (Arts and Entertainment)

 If you don’t believe this movement has already worked its way into our government, you’re fooling yourself. And this isn’t just some radical movement that can be easily dismissed. There are prominent figures in American politics RIGHT NOW that subscribe to the “7 Mountains” ideology. Of course they won’t admit that this is their plan, because it would freak out everyone who isn’t some right-wing radical. However, as they slowly continue to inch their way into the mainstream, they’re hoping we don’t realize what it is they’re actually trying to do.

 It’s the escalated attack on a woman’s right to have control over her own body. It’s new voter ID laws that disenfranchise voters who don’t vote for these radical right-wing politicians. It’s attacking any and all media sources as “left-wing propaganda” if they don’t spread the message of the GOP. It’s trying to have a Constitutional Amendment that defines what is or isn’t a marriage. It’s saying there’s such a thing as a “traditional family,” a definition that’s pulled from their religious beliefs. It’s a whole host of issues they’ll continue to chip away at, hoping to eventually gain their majority rule victory before they openly push forward with their “conquering of the 7 mountains” agenda.

 Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely terrified by the thought of this.

 (Excerpts from Allen Clifton & The 7 Mountains website.)