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Friday, February 3, 2017

The mindset of the fascists

Some of us often wonder about the minds of the right-wingers who support Cheato-in-Chief Trump/Bannon and his Fascist/Neo-Nazi accomplices in their treason. Well, I’m no skull jockey, but I have some former Facebook friends who are Trumpettes who will not open their eyes or their minds. They are either incapable of decoding the language of propaganda; or, if they can decode the language, they support the goals that the fascists would achieve.
Normally, I wouldn’t call people out like this, but as I’ve said before, this is war — it is a fight to the sanctity of American ideals and the United States Constitution. And, the Republicans, with the exception of a very view, are either fully supporting the Nazi takeover or complicit in it by their silence. They refuse to learn from history and by so doing, put the safety of everybody at risk.
So, here is the Facebook thread started by the wife of an Amarillo city councilman. Take a read and then understand with whom and with what we are dealing if we want to RESIST! and understand what an uphill fight it is. On the other hand, let’s also take heart that the majority of voters don’t support the Nazi regime and as the Fascists’ agenda becomes clear, a vast majority realize what a horrible mistake this election was.

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Lissa May Merriman I don't get it, either. Can they not Google the definition of 'illegal'??
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Monte Miller And to call his Executive Order a "Muslim Ban" Seriously?
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Leslie E. Reese Yes he did say it.

“Get them the hell out of our country”: Donald Trump calls for mass deportation…
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Lissa May Merriman That is not in the Executive Order. Muslims are not banned. Only specific countries.
Like · Reply · 3 · 5 hrs
Leslie E. Reese Except for Syrian Christian refugees...
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Lissa May Merriman Poor Snowflake.
Like · Reply · 3 hrs
George Schwarz Lissa, Snowflake is offensive beyond the max. It was the Germans' nickname for the ashes that floated from the smokestacks from the murder and burning of Jews and others. It's even worse than the N-work. While you crossed the line a while ago, this one is disgusting.
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Lissa May Merriman George, I've been called racist and sexist. I've been told I am selfish and hate people. I blow it off because I'm not an overly sensitive pussy. If 'Snowflake' offends you, you'll just have to deal with it. Newsflash: Words only hurt if you let them. Are you as offended by the violent riots - all started by the 'tolerant' left?
Like · Reply · 1 · 1 hr · Edited
George Schwarz The rioters were paid operative from Breitbart. I just cannot believe that would be your attitude about a word that offensive. It really does define youi, you know, not me.
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Lissa May Merriman Sticks and stones needs to make a BIG comeback. And, I haven't heard any of the good Liberals denouncing that behavior. I find violence offensive. People who fall apart over words need safe spaces and therapy.
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Lissa May Merriman People who don't want to be referred to as 'Snowflakes' should grow a pair and stop melting down at every perceived slight.
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George Schwarz This isn't about me being sensitive. It's about you being courteous and respectful of other people. It's similar to asking someone to take off their shoes so as not to trakc dirt in the house and you refusing to do so.
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Lissa May Merriman No, it's about Liberals bullying people to think and act like you do. I see 'Snowflakes' as delicate little souls that melt over everything they dislike. That is most people's definition. And, even if it was not most people's definition, if you are offended, you can ignore it or delete it or comment on it in a typically self righteous way (as you have), but that's all. That's it. Go be huffy all you want. I know who I am, I'm proud of who I am and your 'Victim Mentality' gasping means nothing. Like I said, time to bring back sticks and stones because, astoundingly, words will never hurt you.... Unless you are a delicate snowflake looking to melt.
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Leslie E. Reese Lissa May Merriman You're not overly sensitive, you are insufficiently sensitive to the impact poorly or cruelly chosen words have and how much they interfere with actual exchanges of ideas. You might be surprised that some people who currently don't bother reading or thinking about your postings might change that response if you measured your words more carefully. Try it- what do you have to lose? (That was your leader's appeal to black voters, remember?)
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Lissa May Merriman Wonder why you wail at words you deem 'inappropriate', instead of shrugging and moving on. I keep repeating 'Sticks and Stones'. That needs to be taught in school again. Enough with the 'I'm offended!' Crybabies.
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