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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Special Announcement from The Amarillo Independent

In November 2013, I posted a disclosureon this blog that I was consulting with KVII, now known as ABC 7 News or ABC7 Amarillo. My agreement with ABC 7 News recognized that I could help promote ABC 7 News and indulge in punditry here. That post also made clear the opinion blogging here was distinct and separate from ABC 7 News.

I have made my views clear, without interfering with my ABC 7 News role, that Amarillo’s City Council and City Hall leadership have failed miserably on several fronts. The city hired Wallace Bajjali Development Partners despite warnings the firm was dishonest. Four years later, the master developer has vaporized itself, and not one city councilor has acknowledged what a filthy mess they have made of downtown development.

However, Amarillo city elections are coming in May. With the candidate filing period ending Friday, Feb. 27 and campaigning beginning in earnest, this election may well be a watershed moment for Amarillo, although that remains to be seen. My role in this election will be more than consulting, investigating and writing in this blog. My private and personal role will be more active in the campaign and, I anticipate, in support of some candidates.

As a result effective Saturday and indefinitely, I am going to discontinue this blog and will no longer post my political or opinion pieces here or link political or opinion pieces to The Amarillo Independent Facebook page.

I have established “The Quintessential Curmudgeon” as a personal blog and will begin posting to it after I finish setting it up. And I will become more political — if that’s possible — on my personal Facebook page, which is clearly my personal opinion.

I end this posting with this thought: Long before I became a journalist, I thought one of our most precious rights as United States citizens was our vote. I have become stronger in that belief as I’ve gotten older. Yes, I care how elections go but I still hold the process dear in the hope that ultimately the American people at all levels of government will vote for their best interests. That hope has been challenged lately, but in Amarillo, at least, I believe we have the chance to do what is best for our city and replace the City Council. I have often said and written that we get the government we deserve. So, please, study the issues, study the candidates, look beyond the slogans and rhetoric. And vote.