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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Turner Report: Joplin officials don't like coverage

I have alluded to the parallels between Joplin’s experience with
Wallace Bajjali Development Partners and the Amarillo City Council’s experience
and behavior. And I’ll continue to post on this issue in the future.
However, I want to call my readers’ attention to Randy
Turner, a blogger in Joplin who is also a retired journalist and has been a
great source of information on that city’s situation. Like Amarillo, Wallace Bajjali
came in with grandiose plans and promises. And like Amarillo Wallace Bajjali
In his post, linked below, he refers to the way the media
has handled the Wallace Bajjali debacle. There only one television station,
KOAM, is really covering that city’s problems with Wallace Bajjali. In Amarillo,
the situation is similar, with ABC 7 News-KVII the only outlet truly
investigating the downtown issues. 
The Turner Report: Joplin officials send disapproving message to KOAM...: E-mails obtained by KOAM through a Sunshine Law request show that city officials were not at all pleased with reporter Jordan Aubey's...