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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Dave the AGN dolt strikes again

This is an entire paragraph from Dave Henry’s little column in the Saturday Amarillo Globe-News:

Liberal Logic: I saw video Friday afternoon of criminals breaking windows at a Starbucks — one has to assume as some form of asinine protest of Donald Trump. These vandals may have been under the impression they were taking out their frustrations on “the man” — a symbol of capitalism and GOP success. Problem is, Starbucks ownership leans to the left. Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, endorsed Hillary Clinton in September. Facts and reality do not matter to some so-called “progressives.”

I want to point something out. Henry wrote “… one has to assume …” as though it is a key fact and the basis for which he deduces that rioters were attacking a Starbucks. No one is going to defend the rioting. But, can anyone defend Henry?

Hey, Dave, you dolt, one doesn’t have to assume anything about their motivation. Now do you know what impression they were under? Did you talk to the criminals? Or was your little spew based on divine inspiration? Didn’t think so.

How fitting that I can paraphrase you: Facts and reality do not matter to Dave Henry and Republicans.