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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cruz echoes another villain from history

History is replete with all manner of villains. We need not name them, although anyone with any basic understanding of history could rattle off a half dozen names without a second breath. But one villain in American history comes to mind as I read about Ted Cruz announcing his run for the United States presidency. Note, I did not refer to him by his title “Sen,” referred to as an “honorific” in The Associated Press style. You see, Cruz deserves neither the honor nor the respect the title of senator confers.

Cruz, as many of you will figure out in the future, is a demagogue of the worst order. He is a liar, a purveyor of propaganda and someone who in his best moments wants to destroy the American middle class and create a huge poor underclass. Cruz is part of the evil, Robber Baron-like plutocracy who hates the notion of the very government he want to be part of. And his very voice conjures up the sound of one of the most evil and despicable men and episodes in U.S. history, Joseph McCarthy, the late Republican senator from Wisconsin.

Here, in the climactic moment of the Senate hearing that showed McCarthy for the bully and evil man that he was, even the tone and timbre of his voice sounds like Cruz.

Now, listen to the shorter piece from a recent CNN interview with Cruz.

I rest this part of my case, but there will be more.