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Friday, March 6, 2015

Stop the lies about downtown development

Amarillo’s 2015 election season is on us, one week after the filing deadline. And, as expected, the Amarillo Globe-News is perverting the legitimate role of the Fourth Estate with an editorial on Friday.

The editorial tried to make the case that the City Council cannot live up to its promise that the main parts of downtown redevelopment would be placed before the voters. The comments attached to the editorial on the AGN website make good points, noting that the editorial is sophistry. That is, using the use of fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving.

Others point out one other truth: That the AGN, lapdog for the city management and City Council, shills for the downtown plan. But it fails to point out that the city leadership has never wanted the people to have a say in city government.

Oh, and that promise? Here it is from the AGN’s own story about Paul Harpole on April 24, 2011, “Harpole said he thinks major projects - including large-scale downtown redevelopment - should be presented to voters.
‘You'll be part of the design," Harpole told the audience at a campaign forum last week. "... And it will go to a vote.’”

Continue lying, AGN. Continue moving in the wrong direction, City Council. Eventually right wins out. I hope it will at this election.