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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Is this ethical?

Service clubs like Lions International, Rotary and Kiwanis provide communities with important and valuable services. So, it is really taking on a sacred cow to criticize such an organization for acting in a marginally ethical way in seeking monetary support for a project of questionable value.

Late last week, I found the document pictured in this post taped to my front door. At first glance the “Statement for Your 2015 American Flag Service” looked like a $30 bill for services already rendered. Those services were for the placement of an American flag in front of my house on five holidays, a service I did not use in 2014 and had no intention of using in 2015. It isn’t until on looks closely at the lower back of the document that you realize it isn’t really a bill. But you really have to understand that you didn’t’ have a subscription to renew. In short, this is unethical, an assertion that
a friend and former member of the Amarillo Kiwanis club backed with me yesterday.

The fact that the club supports the programs and charities listed on the “statement” is nice but really irrelevant. I don’t need an American flag in front of my home to verify my loyalty or patriotism. And, should we want to display a flag on any day, we have our own American flag we can display as we see fit.

Sorry, Kiwanis. You’re wrong.