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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rick Perry - the reptilian brain

An Open Letter to Rick Perry

Despite your continual assertions that Texas has never executedan innocent person, evidence continues to mount that the state took Cameron Todd Willingham’s life either in error or by malfeasance. Not only was his death on your watch, but you also insulted him and the process at the time of the execution. Further, and even worse, as the state’s Forensic Science Commission marched inexorably toward finding that the original arson investigation was “junk science,” you obstructed justice by tainting that commission with those who you knew would carry your water, like the now-disgraced John Bradley.

The latest salvo buttressing the case that you, prosecutor John H. Jackson and others in power at the time perpetrated the death of an innocent man came March 12 in the Washington Post, which cited the work of the Marshall Project to uncover tawdry dealings between the judge, prosecutor and jailhouse snitch. TheInnocence Project also has a comprehensive review of the case. And, the TexasTribune further demonstrated that you and Bradley partnered to put Willingham on the death gurney. That story also showed Bradley was complicit as you in railroading Willingham so as to protect you for your 2010 governor’s race.

Throughout the controversy here Texas, your reptilian mind used this case as one of the ways to appeal to your blood-thirsty constituency’s reptilian minds — facts and your claimed Christian values be damned. This is not the only case in which you’ve been willing to further political gain with questionable tactics, but it is the one that makes you a murderer. Now, as it’s becoming clear you seek to be the President of these United States, the public has to know that you’re willing to kill for political gain.

It is my fervent wish that the national media — and, yes, I anticipate you’ll attack any of the critical stories as the work of the “liberal” press — will expose you for what I believe you are. And with that exposure, I hope your political career will evaporate. If the nation and Texas are supremely lucky, the prosecution and conviction under your current indictment will make you a convicted felon. How fun would it be to see you fend for yourself behind bars.