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Monday, April 6, 2015

An open letter to Bill Gates

I have read your letter celebrating Microsoft’s 40thanniversary and your exhortation for the company to look forward, as in this quote, “Today though, I am thinking much more about Microsoft's future than its past.”

Certainly looking forward is more productive than looking backward when considering strategic planning future of a firm.

But your praising your CEO’s leadership is in error. I would suggest that you and the inept leadership at Microsoft concentrate on the present before considering the future. For, indeed, the evidence of ineptitude in serving your current customer base is beyond dispute.

Unless your sycophants and minions have shielded you from my March 15 correspondence, you might be aware that I have been struggling since October 1, 2014 to have your firm live up to its representation under the Assure program. Instead of providing the advertised support, the “ministrations” have resulted in me needing to rebuild my computer entirely — causing me to devote weeks of time to that effort. I thought, on March 25, that my recent correspondence with you other Microsoft board members about this matter had attracted enough attention to offer me some rectification of my situation.

However, once again, your firm has failed in its ability to live in the present by even minimally fulfilling a representation made to a customer. And while I may be seen as one disgruntled customer (Isn’t it so easy to discount someone like me that way?), given how large Microsoft’s customer base is, do you really believe I am the only one experiencing this kind of abysmal service?

To anyone who reads this open letter, I  have an entire file on Microsoft’s inability to deliver. I am willing to share that with those who would ask.