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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Irony, hubris and time will tell

The Amarillo Globe-News’ editorial on April 23 makes clear it is fed up with the city’s problems. And, in
the height of irony and hubris, refers to the “Wallace Bajjali debacle.

Anyone following city government, downtown development and the Globe-News’ role in all this knows that, for years and especially since 2008, the city could do no wrong. The city and the Globe-News were so enamored with one another that the City Council placed the paper’s publisher, Les Simpson, on key boards tasked with planning and implementing downtown redevelopment. In fact, Simpson was the head of Downtown Amarillo Inc.’s board when DAI recommended Wallace Bajjali as a master developer for the downtown effort.

You have to wonder what prompted the paper’s 180-degree turn-around. What triggered such a falling out between two lovers? I’d love to know other people’s theories on this one.

The Globe-News exhorts people to turn out to the upcoming city election. Stating it this way, “Voters that (sic — it should be “who”) are content with the way things are going in Amarillo — feel free to show your support for the status quo at the ballot box. Voters that (sic — it should be “who”) see the need for a new and fresh approach to leadership, at least for Amarillo government, opportunity is knocking — as the saying goes — at the same ballot box.”

The editorial concludes, “Amarillo residents can talk change all they want, but voting is the only way to accomplish change.”

But in the end, how much change does the Amarillo Globe-News really want? We’ll see when the Globe-News lists its endorsements in the race.

Early voting begins Monday and citywide polling occurs May 9.