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Friday, April 3, 2015

And Now We See Why People Call the City Council Arrogant

Since 2008, when the City Council as a commission, rebooted downtown devilment after 20 years of previous failures, people coming to this “august” body have been treated poorly. The mayor has been boorish and all of these elected (I must remind you we’re at risk of them being re-elected) officials have brooked no contradiction. No disagreement with their agenda. No input needed, taxpayers and voters, because we know better. And if you want a good example of this, click Read More to see if Eades’ response reflects what we see at City Council meetings.

· “Now, in regards to your statement, I can't for the life of me find a question mark anywhere in there.” — This sentence elevated you from hubris past arrogance to unmitigated gall. Are you saying I have to bow and scrape to you, oh royal one, and can only ask you questions? I don’t see it that way. You and the others continue to run on the platform you represent all the people, but it seems that the only people to whom you listen are other Amarillo royalty. No, Brian, I wasn’t asking you questions. I was pointing out that you and the other council members are refusing to acknowledge how poorly you have governed this city. And how incredibly bad the decisions are you’ve made, especially with respect of downtown.

Further, on this last bullet point, my email to you and the other councilors was about how you and others ignored good, solid information about Wallace Bajjali — information beyond The Amarillo Independent’s 2010 story — that a simple Google search would have gotten you. (Spare me the Dallas law firm. They didn’t “vet” anything.) The council, had it been following WBDP’s problems elsewhere like Waco, Corpus Christi and Joplin, had the chance to kill this deal off in Nov. 2013. You didn’t. The council didn’t.

Verdict: The Amarillo Independent and others were right all along and the City Council continues to refuse to publicly acknowledge that fact. Let me say it again, slowly: The.Amarillo.Independent.was.right.