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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Incompetence and Contradiction

The next two sentences reflect on the City Council’s inability to oversee the economic environment and contradicts yesterday’s responses. Of course, in keeping with what the notion of talking about the definition of “is,” anyone taking the council’s side will engage in a debate over “modicum.” Reader, you be the judge.

  • · “Yes George, things change. As does the weather, economic indices, financial fortunes and your investment portfolio.” — And smart managers and others charged with oversight take changes into account and adjust accordingly. Verdict: Failure to oversee the environment properly. 

  • · “Thanks (sic) heavens for some modicum of continuity.” — Wait, wait. Continuity? Didn’t you just regale me with all that “new” stuff that you think excused you from the poor decisions in which you participated and in which other commissioners/councilors undertook? Verdict: Contradiction exposes spin failure (again).